About : Super Rani - Shushila Grih Udyog

After becoming the most widely used washing & cleaning products of the country, The company manufactures Laundry Detergent, Detergent Cake, Detergent Powder / Dish Scouring bar and Laundry Soap / Hand Wash / Liquid Detergent / Multipurpose Soap also have their own Sulfonation plant. "Ambitious plans are on the anvil inspite of stiff competition from all types of manufacturers, big and small."

The business ethics of the promoters helped to build strong ties with the distributors. As the promoters say it - “Distributors are our family members and not just business associates” and they are proud to declare that this ‘family feeling’ is mutual. This strong bond built on mutual faith is the key to fair and long lasting business relationships. We stay committed to continue with this ideology.

We thank all our customers who have faith in us and who have always used our products. With the support of our dedicated team and our customers, we will ensure to deliver a wide assortment of products with anti bactria.

Our Vision

  • The key to successful business is value pricing i.e. provide better quality product at a competitive price. If a business can provide consistent quality product, at value price, and can provide a robust service network, a successful brand is sure to evolve.
  • The company is aiming to have a universal presence. There are plans to make washing & cleaning products.
  • The Company intends to register its presence in all over India that import or have decent washing & cleaning products consumption.
  • We never compromised with the quality of the brand and to ensure that we remain competitive on price, saving avenues in purchase (procurement of incoming material) and manufacturing were sought.

Our Mission

  • To ensure consistent product quality, rigid quality inspection norms were implemented at every stage of production and procurement.
  • Raw material undergoes ‘incoming quality inspection’ at the time of delivery, there are guidelines for the minimum quantity of ‘expensive input material’ etc. that must be consumed during production of a batch of washing & cleaning products, and sample checks are conducted to ensure that the right quantity goes in each Packaging that reaches the customer.
  • The company could do so due to its integrated manufacturing approach. Shushila Grih Udyog is probably the only washing & cleaning products brand which is manufactured, packaged, and marketed under one roof.
  • The competition has increased many folds, yet Shushila Grih Udyog has been able to provide products at extremely competitive prices.